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Getting your motor back on the road after a motor accident is one thing, getting it back as good as it was prior to the prang is an other. We see it all from the small dent picked up from a trolley at your local supper market to the full side swipe and need for full body respray. Now if your paying for the repair yourself without the involvement of Motor Insurers, where would we be without them fantastic as they are, you get to call the shots, but in this day and age, unless you are looking at vehicle restoration there is going to be an insurer involved and they control the purse strings.

The state of play today is cost, hourly rates are down and insurers want a discount on parts and materials so the big difference in body repair is how skilled the workforce. Professional efficient and fast with the capability and knowledge that wont leave your newly repaired offside front door standing out like a sore thumb! I have been using Premier Bodyshops in Estepona for years and know they don't cut corners.

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