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LOVE Your Car

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

WE ARE ALL FEELING A BIT DOWN AT THE MOMENT. Your CAR probably feels rejected too. It rarely gets out. The same boring trip to the supermarket. No thrill of the motorway or outings to unexplored areas. No natter from the kids on the school run or even games of eye spy on long journeys. It’s amazing what you miss! So here is a list of things to do to show your car you care.

De-gunge the car. Throw away the sweet wrappers and take out the old cartons everything and anything that is not needed, organise what you keep. Save documents in a zip lock bag to protect and add a few emergency items like a torch, first aid kit, warm jacket or blanket, a bit of cash, high Vis jackets, which you are required to carry in your car in Spain along with a warning triangle and pack a large bottle of water.

Make sure the car gets its liquids too. Coolant, brake and transmission fluid. Check the oil and change it if it hasn’t been done in the last 5000 miles. You should also change the oil and air filters. To get you in the cleaning groove remove battery corrosion with a wire brush and baking soda.

Now the deep clean. Get into the nooks and crannies with a micro fibre cloth and even a tooth brush. Wash and wax the outside to protect bodywork. Wash the windows diagonally one side and vertically the other, so you know which side the smears are. Buy an air freshener, or simple mix a cup of baking soda with about 5 drops of your favourite essential oil. Sprinkle on the carpets and Hoover half an hour later, (I like coconut it reminds me of suntan lotion and the hope of holidays to come).

If the car isn’t being used much run the engine every two weeks leaving it for a while so as not to drain the battery and turn on the air-conditioning to prevent mould build up. Drive it a bit so the tyres aren’t left in the same position and test breaks so the components don’t fuse. You should check the tyre pressure and have the wheels rebalanced. Moving the front to the back evens the wear and helps them to last longer.

Once finished you could invest in some new mats or cut up some silicon circles to put in the cup holders to make cleaning more enjoyable next time. If this sounds like a lot of effort. Contact Premier they will spoil her rotten, carry out a service and as body specialist even fix those small knocks and dents if and when required. They can even collect and deliver. Your car will be lovingly pampered and if you weren’t in love with her before you will be once you have shown her some care and attention. What’s more is she will be less likely to let you down in the future.

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