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Wheels keep going round

March since last I wrote and the flu is still with us and with no sign of running out of gas just yet. Very hard times for all, car lovers or not, but we need our cars to be in the best of health as they may very well be the most reliable transport on which we can depend. Looking up at the sky recently, simply shows us all how that industry has been taken aback a peg or three, and anyone visiting a local industrial area will see how much damage this flu has done to local motor garages of all descriptions. Opportunity for some, is all I can suggest, and if you have some money available for that respray now maybe a good time to go in search for that great deal. Facts are simple, vehicles need to be maintained, money needs to be spent on our cars, but look around and get the best price. Every outfit is competing for their next job and having a full weekly schedule of booked in work is what everyone is looking for. Everyone is looking for work so the one thing I can state with confidence is that whoever you find to do what you want done will be over the moon to be working for you. So I think it is more than obvious to most of us that we are living in unprecedented times. Hopefully the world will soon get better and put this flu into the basket it belongs. The economy, local or global, is without doubt the greatest victim, and all are looking to save a bob or two. Brake pads get worn out as do tyres. Vehicles need to be serviced, need to be looked after, in order to ensure they will not let us down when we most need them. If your flush and have that Bentley in the lock up that you want restored, I am pretty sure you will get a great deal during this historical moment in time. If like the most of us you just want to keep the wheels turning at the most price competitive outlay, I am sure that can be done also. Stay safe and keep on motoring.

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